These are the rules we have now:


  1. Each round requires 4 or more people, depends on how many people participate.
  2. No fist fighting.
  3. Each participant must pay 50 silver coins beforehand to enther the tournament.
  4. Its a FFA tournament, you can however team up with fellow combatants. (Keep in mind, only one can stay alive in the very end) 
  5. You are not allowed to bring any items inside the arena, doing so will lead to disqualification and a perma ban from future events held by Riva.
  6. You will be given permission to loot item bags or craft a basic tool to inflict damage on your enemy.
  7. Spectators are allowed to use slings at the combatants after the 3 minute mark.
  8. Spectators are allowed to buy weapons for combatants. Half of the coins goes towards the grand prize.


Rules will also adjust each tournament, some might be removed, reworked or completely new ones will be added.

At the end of every tournament a screenshot will be made and you will enter the hall of fame, your name, guild and rank will be written down and a chronicle about you shall be made.